Miku LSP


Miku LSP (Hatsune Miku Live Stage Producer) is a smartphone game that is available for both iOS and Android platforms. It is apparently a game where you manage a cafe with live stage, and the stage’s main attraction is of course Miku.


It is also one of the curious cases where if you use Wi-Fi connection, the game tends to disconnect. Using cellular network is preferred (maybe this is just a regional case).

I’m personally not a big fan of this type of game, but I think I should learn. I think I have been playing too many braindead games or games that have some systems but understanding the systems deeper doesn’t give much ROI ^^;

So I’m gonna take things slowly and learn this game bit-by-bit.

First, I can train Miku. This also seems to be the way to increase my level, which is currently at level 3.


Miku has various stats and the are various options to increase the stats. For example, even for the Variety stat alone, you can choose ‘Variety I’, which costs 2000G and 5AP, ‘Variety II’, which costs 6000G and 10AP, and ‘Variety III’, which costs 10000G and 15AP. So what’s the difference? Which is more worth it? Well, once Miku does one of the trainings, it might take a while for her to get back to prime condition, so I can’t exactly test everything at once ^^;

For now I chose ‘Variety I’. It turns out it adds 13 to Variety stat and reduces Cuteness stat by 1:


I’m tempted to try ‘Variety II’ next. But I should try ‘Variety I’ once more, just to see if there is any random element.

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