Miku LSP [2]

I tried Variety I again and yep, it increases Variety by 13 and Cuteness by 1:


I tried Variety II. It increases Variety by 25 and Cuteness by 1:


Lastly I tried Variety III. It increases Variety by 38, reduces Cuteness by 1 and Dance by 1:


Since Variety I costs 5AP 2000G, Variety II costs 10AP 6000G and Variety III costs 15AP 10000G, the cost per value gained is…

Variety I: 0.42AP 166.67G
Variety II: 0.42AP 250G
Variety III: 0.42AP 416.67G

The AP per value is the same but the G per value is not, and II and III are more expensive…

Why would I go for Variety II and III then? Hmm… -.-;

Also, the reduced stat for I and II seems to be the stat adjacent clockwise, and for III is two adjacent stats. I’m gonna test other stats next.

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