Yumekuishirokurobaku, Hard Perfect

Perfected Yumekuishirokurobaku (Really, 夢食い白黒バク) on Hard on Vita (can’t imagine doing this with PS3 mini controller lol).

I had trouble perfecting this song. I tend to get 2-3 Safes, and I just try 2-3 times each day trying to perfect it until I succeeded today ^^;



This is one of the new songs for PS3 (but also available as DLC for Vita). It was my least liked, but it kinda grew on me.

Also, probably the best surprise addition to PS3 is Future Rin module. My god, I think she is even prettier than Miku 0.o

I really like her dancing with the stick in this particular song, which is probably a reason why I take perfecting this song slowly ^^;


3 thoughts on “Yumekuishirokurobaku, Hard Perfect

  1. OshareKeiji

    Lots of people are taking a shine to “Future Style Rin”. That design was based on the illustration by Tamura Hiro from the original Nicovid of “Rin-Chan Now!”.

    The artwork in the aforementioned song’s PS3/Vita PV is also his handiwork.

      1. OshareKeiji

        Manga and light novel, huh? No surprise there, lots of other Vocaloid songs got some sort of adaptation in other media. (Cantarella, Zenbon Sakura, etc)

        Leads me to wonder what kind of story would go into those though, as everything stems from fun little pranks lovingly directed toward Rin. It’ll more than likely be something along the lines of those 4-koma gag stuff.

        Incidentally, a Len variant ditty was made by the same people involved the following year (Sezu, OwataP and Tamura Hiro), titled “Len-kyun Now!”

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