Recently Japanese iBookStore (Apple’s online store for books) begins to sell Japanese manga and light novels, but I decided against buying from there because its books are limited for viewing on iOS devices (in my interest of future-proofing). Its selection is also limited compared to other Japanese digital bookstores (though no doubt it will continue to grow).

The kicker however is that iBookStore initially offered To Love-Ru Darkness but recently took it down, no doubt due to the nature of its content. Other Japanese digital bookstores continue to offer To Love-Ru Darkness and their books can be viewed on more devices, so why settle for less, really.


Apple doesn’t like this manga

In Japan, two digital bookstores that offer the widest selection seem to be BookLive! and honto. I can’t find a book offered in BookLive! that is not offered in honto and vice-versa. I had trouble deciding which store to stick to but in the end I decided to go with BookLive! since I prefer its iOS reader app.

For my first book, I decided to get Mikuyon. It’s a spin-off story of Hatsune Miku, and as the name suggests (for those of you who understand Japanese) it’s a 4-koma.


I only found out later that a free web version is available online, made available by the author himself (so it’s legal). The manga version however is the definitive version; it has additional scenes, some scenes are modified for the better, the drawings are improved, etc. Also, the manga version has the 4-koma spread across 2 pages, instead of the usual format. Nevertheless, the core of the story remains the same so you’re not missing much even if you read the web version.

Free web version

What I can say, it’s a beautiful story. There is minimal dialogue, only when it’s absolutely necessary. I have been rereading it multiple times and each time I may discover new subtle details (well, Vocaloid fans will get more references, but non-Vocaloid fans should still be able to appreciate the story). The manga version is tad more touching but again the web version is essentially the same story.

It makes me want to look for similar books with 4-koma and minimal dialogue. Do you know of such books?


8 thoughts on “Mikuyon

  1. OshareKeiji

    Ah so there’s another Miku-themed 4-koma out there? The one I’ve been reading in Comp Ace is different. Miku and Co. are in a performing arts school where the main students are her, Luka, Len and Rin, while Kaito and Meiko are student profs (there’s also a senior prof. original character who tends to haphazardly insert English in her speech). The running gag is that Miku totally blows when it comes to voice lessons, but performs extraordinarily well when it’s the real deal.

    On an unrelated note, something you might be interested in: http://www.play-asia.com/Onechambara_Z/paOS-13-71-bp-49-en-70-6bnj.html

    Onechanbara Z now has a tentative June release date for the PS3. D3 finally came through, it seems.

      1. OshareKeiji

        The one in Comp Ace is not the Hachune version, but that one looks nice too.

        As for region releases of Onechanbara Z, I’ll go out on a limb and assume that a few more changes will be made to the JP release (likely more toning down of the gory parts), so it’ll probably be delayed a bit.

        I personally wouldn’t mind even if they took away boss QTKs as long as the Aya/Saki arc isn’t DLC.

  2. OshareKeiji

    I wouldn’t mind that either. It’ll be like Gal Gun where everything in the PS3 version just screams “improvement” (and the notable lack of the 360 version’s much-loathed PPP), and most the new DL extras are actually worth the yens.

    All we can do for now is wait though.

      1. OshareKeiji

        It was the first one, actually. The 360 version got ruined though because some whack job bigwig at MS didn’t want to see pantsu, which was the game’s total selling point. Inti Creates had no choice but to launch the PPP (Pantsu Protect Patch) as a mandatory update, essentially killing the whole thing.

        The PS3 version does away with that BS, made most of the DLC modes bundled free, and added Doki Doki Panic Mode, an epilogue part which plays a little differently from the main game. Plus, pantsu views are made 99.9% easier with the “Dangerous Apron” DLC costume (not found in the 360 version).

        Apologies for the boring history lesson, but what I’m getting at here is that D3 should follow that kind of improvement path. Onechanbara Z wasn’t ruined in the least, but the move to the PS3 should come with more… a lot more.

      2. Helu

        Lol, no problem, appreciate the info. To think the developer is Inti Creates, the one behind Rockman Zero… 0.o
        Really hoping for the best for Kagura Z XD

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