Black Rock Shooter Extreme Perfect And Awakened Rare Card

Perfected this after quite a number of tries:


The difficulty with this song is mainly that the timing can keep changing, some obvious but some subtle.

It’s a nice song, and I also like the PV, which I think is about having self-doubt and running away. I expected they would go more nuts with the Extreme difficulty of this song, though.

Anyway, to LoveLive!…

Maki’s birthday presents the player with 5 ‘Loveca’ stones (yep, that’s their official English spelling… in Japanese it’s ラブカ, love ‘power’ – some ‘kana’ play there ^^;). It’s enough to play one Premium Gacha! Unfortunately, I only get a Rare Card, and I already have the same Rare Card.

Too bad but… that means I can awaken it! The transformation goes from this:


To this:


Quite drastic, I would say ^^;

Awakening doesn’t increase stats but it increases the card’s max level. Also, you need to awaken the card in order to be able to max its ‘relationship’ level (which increases as you use the card during the game). The main attention is that if you can max a card’s relationship level, you get one Loveca stone, which means more opportunities to play Premium Gacha XD

Man, Hard is hard. I can only get up to Combo Rank C so far… -_-“


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