Maki’s Birthday, Hard Difficulty, Rankings, Hidden Mode and Rarity System

Launched the app. Apparently today is Maki’s birthday:


Nice. Moving on… ^^;

I’ve perfected all Easy and Normal songs. Now I’m on the Hard realm:


It’s the highest difficulty so far, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they add Extreme difficulty later on. There are about 6 songs currently, not sure how many more are there (I need to level up first to unlock more stuffs).

Hard mode is really fun. Notes move faster, and there are all these crazy combinations of flying notes.

There are 3 rankings for each song: Score (trophy with green background on the screenshot), Combo (trophy with pink background) and Clear. Score is something that requires you to upgrade cards or use very good ones (the one that encourages you to spend a little money to get a head start). Combo is the one I’m after, S-rank on Combo means that you do full combo. Clear basically requires you to beat the song a certain number of times, which is pretty grindy.

You may notice at top left of above screenshot, it says ‘Normal Live’. That’s not Normal for difficulty. I guess they’re keeping some mode up their sleeves to let the game be simplistic for now. I wouldn’t be surprised if the hidden Live mode turns up to be something like battling against other players, competing for higher scores etc.

I kinda understand the card rarity system now. There are 8 stars of rarity, but it’s really just 4 levels: Normal, Rare, Super Rare and Ultra Rare. Normal is represented by 1 star, Rare is represented by 3 stars, and so on. The thing is, in this game the cards can be ‘awakened’ (depicted by the girl transforming from normal attire to idol attire). When the card awakens, its star rating goes up by 1. So awakened Normal is 2 stars, awakened Rare is 4 stars, and so on. So you can see the number of stars on the card, whether it’s odd or even, to check whether a card is awakened or not.

The daily free and normal Gacha can get you up to Rare cards. The Super Rare and Ultra Rare cards have to be gotten from Premium Gacha. It’s possible to get enough coins to play Premium Gacha but it would take a long time (they gave a free ticket for first-time play and that’s how I got my currently one-and-only Super Rare card). While Normal cards use brand-new characters for this game, the Rare cards use LoveLive!’s 9 original members, and each member has all 3 Type variations: Smile (red), Pure (green) and Cool (blue). So that’s 27 Rare cards. I’ve gotten a few, like this one just recently:

I’ve gotten mostly Rare Smile cards, and no Rare Pure cards at all. So Rare Cool cards like this are welcome.

The Super Rare and Ultra Rare cards also feature the original members but with all-new illustrations and themes. For example, my Super Rare card is one of the girls offering a creme to the viewer. The one advertised right now is an Ultra Rare card of Niko cooking in the kitchen. You can also awaken these cards. I’ve glimpsed thumbnails of some of these Super Rare and Ultra Rare cards from other players, and they look pretty nice.

That’s pretty much it from a single short burst of play. I’m now at level 16, and for more story and possibly more songs to unlock, I need to reach level 18. Clearing Hard song apparently can gives lots of EXP ^^;


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