There is another notable Japanese digital bookstore and that is BOOKWALKER.

It doesn’t have the widest selection like BookLive!, but it does have EXCLUSIVE books, books that are only available via BOOKWALKER.

For example, for some reason only BOOKWALKER has the LoveLive! manga:


Maybe if I end up liking this franchise then I might buy it someday ^^;

Not only that, it has game strategy guides, game artbooks and even Weekly Famitsu. For some reason only BOOKWALKER has them.

The iOS app is very nice, personally it’s even better than BookLive!. One special thing about the app is that it has built-in store, i.e. you can shop within the app. In many digital bookstores like BookLive! and honto, you need to shop and purchase the books on web browser.

Here’s the built-in store’s main page:


The game page:


Also, BOOKWALKER has virtual bookshelf that is similar to Apple’s iBooks:


You can create as many bookshelves as you want. Here’s an interesting thing: the bookshelf is a theme and you can switch to different themes. For example, recently they have this Date-A-Live anime campaign and they give away a free bookshelf theme. It changes the normal bookshelf to this:


It seems the theme has control over how the books are listed and stuffs.

You can imagine for example that you’re going to put only Date-A-Live books on that bookshelf ^^;

One other interesting thing is that compatible BookLive! books can be transferred to BOOKWALKER:


Apparently none of my books I have purchased on BookLive! are compatible though… maybe I have to investigate further T.T

I kinda wish that there is a clear-cut choice of store to go to, but yeah for now it’s BookLive! and BOOKWALKER for me (hasn’t purchased any book from BOOKWALKER, just browsing ^^;)

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