LoveLive! And Loveca Stones

When I played LoveLive! today, I unexpectedly got a surplus of Loveca stones 0.o;

Five Loveca stones allow you to play 1 Premium Gacha, which can get you a Rare, Super Rare or Ultra Rare card. These stones can be earned free in the game, but it takes quite a lot of time and efforts, so people may want to spend money for them.

First I received one Loveca stone as a log-in bonus. Then I got about 6 Loveca stones 0.o These are apology gifts for multiple maintenance periods (when players couldn’t play the game) that I’m not even aware of ^^; The benefits of being early player, I guess ^^;

All of a sudden I found myself having enough stones to play 2 Premium Gachas lol


Loveca stones are marked by the heart icon

With these Loveca stones, I got my second Super Rare card:

Nice but when will I ever get an Ultra Rare card? -.-;

Nice but when will I ever get an Ultra Rare card? -.-;

And a new Rare card:

When will I get a Pure (green) Rare card? -_-;

When will I get a Pure (green) Rare card? -_-;

I could also play 1 free Normal Gacha per day. You can get up to Rare Card with Normal Gacha. I got a Rare card that I already had a copy of:


Which means awakening time! XD (combine two same cards and get its awakened version)

She transformed to this:


The theme of awakened Smile (pink) Rare cards seems to be some party swimsuit outfit, I guess. I mean, this is my other awakened Smile Rare card:


But apparently awakening Rare cards takes so much money. Now I’m virtually broke lol.

And I found out that for just the Rare cards they used old illustrations from the anime, albums & singles etc, which is why I decided not to look up LoveLive! images and kill the fun.

And I got another Loveca stone for having awakened a lot of cards ^^;

Can’t wait to get better cards XD

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