Walking Dead


These two days I have been playing PS3 version of Walking Dead. Want to check out what’s the ruckus all about. I’ve gotten a copy for cheap a while back and it has remained factory wrapped until recently. I’ve played up to the end of Episode 4, left with the last Episode 5.

I think this gotta be the worst PS3 game to date technically. The definitive version should be the PC version. It’s like they don’t extensively QA the PS3 version, just wanting to cash in. The frame rate can get very choppy, like playing online fighter with zero-bar opponent. The game can literally freeze to load the next part of the game, like a student project game. The audio sometimes does not play properly. And the image is so dark I’ve to turn up my TV brightness a notch (the in-game Brightness setting doesn’t seem to do anything at all).

I’m pretty sure the game’s story can be so different depending on the choices you made, but I can’t see myself playing this game multiple times just to see what would’ve happened had I made different choices.

This is probably why I prefer to just watch movies or play games with linear stories. There may be many different versions of the story, yes, but I really just want (or have the time) to see one. Even though linear story offers less freedom, at least it’s a version that the creator (or director) believes to be best. Just like Apple customers trust Apple to make the right choices, I trust the writer/movie director.

I think the game’s strong points are 1) the characters and 2) it poses players with morally difficult choices and 3) the story can totally change depending on player’s choices (but I haven’t personally tested it), but that’s about it.

The zombies are not convincing at all. I mean, in this game they walk slowly, and yet for some reason humans tend to get easily caught by them -.-;

But ah well, can’t really complain about the easy trophies ^^;


2 thoughts on “Walking Dead

    1. Helu

      Yeah I think that’s how some bad games make up for themselves lol. For example Terminator Salvation for PS3 has all Gold trophies besides the Platinum trophy. Walking Dead PC version should be better experience, but again not my style of game ^^;


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