More LoveLive!

Been having quick-play sessions of LoveLive! (can’t really play the game for too long – the stamina regenerates slowly ^^;)

Since the normal songs are called ‘Normal Live’, I thought that there would be a hidden mode. Recently they release Event Live. I’m not sure the full details of Event Live, but apparently the songs playable in Event Live would be different, harder, and can only be playable under certain times. I tried a Hard Event Live song and got destroyed -.-;

Hard mode is really fun. Though, recently I stumbled upon what might be the inspirations behind LoveLive! gameplay: Sega’s maimai. LoveLive! is like a simplified version of this game.

I finally got a Pure rare card:


And I got another double for Cool rare card, so I can awaken it.

From this:


To this:


I guess the theme of awakened Pure rare card is sailor outfit (Smile is some party bikini thing).

I also got a new Smile Rare card that I’m excited about:


It’s gonna be a drought of new cards from now on though ^^;


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