Secured PlayStation 2


Manufacture of PlayStation 2 has stopped, said the news a while back. Upon closer inspection, it applies only to Japan. Nevertheless, I feel the need to secure one or never in the future.

The first time I played a PlayStation 2 was my roommate’s. He mainly played Dynasty Warriors 3, and we often played coop (well, more like I assisted him to get the final weapons easier, lol). I subsequently borrowed it to play Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons Of Liberty.

I can’t remember how I managed to get my own fat modified PS2 back then, but later it showed its age as it couldn’t play a feature in Dynasty Warriors 5 (or 4?).

I indirectly traded my fat modified PS2 for unmodified PS2 Slim US region as I moved away from piracy. I began to feel the sting of not being able to play Japanese games.

When I got my first generation PS3, which literally has a PS2 inside, it can play Japanese PS2 games. ‘This is exactly what I need,’ I thought, so I got rid of my US PS2 games and console. I began to buy Japanese PS2 games. I had an ultimate PlayStation system that can play PSOne, PS2 and PS3 games.

Then my PS3 died. Yellow ring of death. I got a new PS3 Slim, but as it can’t play PS2 games, my access to PS2 gaming was lost.

I slowly reduced my Japanese PS2 games library. I sold games that have received HD adaptations, or even ported to PSP.

Until today, as I managed to get Asian PS2, which can play Japanese games. Unfortunately it’s modified. Whatever modchip is being used, it appears to use the latest software (Matrix Infinity v1.93) But I got it much cheaper than I expected to pay (like half of my expectation). And this is the latest and last model, SCPH-9000.

I tried playing my original Japanese games. They worked. I also tried downloading fan-translated version of Namco X Capcom and burned it to DVD. It worked, too.

And life’s good.

Why do I feel the need to get a PS2? Well, there are many PS2 games that most likely won’t be rereleased to PSN as digital downloads, due to legal issues and such.

I’m now waiting for my Japanese copy of Crimson Tears. Amazon Japan sold a brand new copy for 500yen, lol. It’s a game I think deserves to be more popular.

10 thoughts on “Secured PlayStation 2

  1. OshareKeiji

    So you got yourself a PS2 as well eh? Awesome.

    The main reasons for securing my own were Zettai Zetsumei Toshi, Shin Megami Tensei III, and Siren 2.

    Irem’s gone all “Dark History” on ZZT since the Touhoku Quake and it’s main brain Kazuma Kujo already bailed, so I doubt that it’ll ever see the light of day in the archives.

    SMT III is a bit of a gray area. Index is teetering in the edge of financial collapse since concentrating solely on remakes and mobages.. IV is coming to the 3DS, but got delayed to July. Got the original one(sans Dante/Raidou/Amala Labyrinth).

    It’s a wonder why Siren 1 was in the PS2 archives but not Siren 2. Got the first one on the PS3 of course, but since then the PS2A front has been largely neglected. Save for the aforementioned and Katamari Damacy, all the the other titles that made the cut are mediocre to say the least.

    1. Helu

      Haha, it’s hard to list all the PS2 games I want to play. I have ordered Crimson Tears, Chaos Legion and Yoshitsuneki, all of which cost only 500yen in Amazon Japan.

      I want to replay Fatal Frame series again, and try Kuon. I also want to replay Clock Tower 3, try Demento and Rule Of Rose. Of course, Siren and Siren 2 as well.

      I currently have all Xenosaga episodes and Sega’s Kunoichi. I thought I had Shinobi also but can’t find it ^^;

      I want to try Rockman X Command Mission and Breath Of Fire V. Don’t know why I skip this game back in the days.

      I also want to try Shadow Hearts RPG series. I completely missed it, but my friend seems to enjoy it a lot.

      Also want to try the old Oneechanbara. The definitive version should be Oneechanpon.

      And many other games ^^;

      Yep, there are too many games I want to play on PS2. Granted, some of them may be average or mediocre games, but I somehow miss this kind of games. The games nowadays feel too… Can’t find the word for it lol ^^;

      1. OshareKeiji

        Well, I can give you the short version 411 on some of them, since I own a few of the titles you mentioned.

        Demento: If you already did Clock Tower 3, then you won’t have much trouble adapting to this game, as it’s practically Clock Tower 4 with a sexier aspect to it. Oh, and Huey the dog? Standoffish at times but loveable as heck. I often spam the “good boy” button as if by reflex.

        BOFV: This game is a bit weird. It carries the BOF name complete with mainstays Ryu and Nina, but feels and plays like something else entirely.

        I also got a used copy of Chaos Legion recently. From the nicovids I watched prior to buying, it kinda feels like Capcom dumped a few ideas they didn’t use for Devil May Cry on that one, not that it’s a bad thing.

        Since you mentioned in your prior posts that you tend to get tired of beat-em-ups with some tedious aspects after a while, I’m afraid I can’t recommend the PS2 Oneechanbara titles. Getting to higher levels and earning the nicer extras takes forever. This was the era where the “Simple” series was populated by low-production value games with wily gimmicks to enhance(?) replay value.

        But if you still want to play it, then don’t let me stop you. In fact, I’m looking forward to the insights that you might put up on those games later on.

      2. Helu

        Thanks! Yep, I beat Clock Tower 3 once but I remember I had a hard time with the final boss. Maybe I was underpowered, or maybe I didn’t know the trick.

        I tried a little of Demento and BOFV back in piracy era. I thought Demento’s chase and hiding mechanic doesn’t feel as intense as Clock Tower 3.

        I see. Yeah, Oneechanbara games are not really high on my priority list. Waiting for Kagura Z on PS3 version instead :p

        I’m surprised these games are still expensive in Amazon Japan even after all these years, though. The problem with buying used games from Amazon Japan is that many vendors never specifically say whether the game has instruction manual or even cover etc -.-;

  2. OshareKeiji

    Oh don’t worry, it’s not you. Clock Tower 3’s M. Burroughs was practically an SNK boss in a Capcom game. You can’t do the usual tricks like with the prior minions, but it helps if you saved all those special arrows from the prior chapters.

    If you’ve only played up to the point where it was Debilitas chasing you in Demento, then that’s not even half of it. The nice part of that game is that you don’t have to depend on (oftentimes single-use) environmental gimmicks alone. You have a dog as well as some hand-carry tools to fend off pursuers. Panic status is a pain though. Unlike CT3 where Alyssa will just stop at random and be vulnerable to attacks, Fiona runs around like a startled chicken ignoring command inputs, and the screen warps like crazy.

    Yeah, Amazon Japan is a nice source, but can be hit-or-miss sometimes for used stuff. I personally don’t mind the lack-of-manual clause as long as the game works fine (no skips, freezes or anything that’ll keep me from finishing it). The cover is another story though. >:/

    As long as it’s not a terribly obscure game, one can easily find wikis for it at either FC2, @wiki or GC.

    1. Helu

      Lol, I see, thanks for the info. It’s still a haze to me how Clock Tower 3 really plays since I played it so long ago. I think it’s cat and mouse and then out-of-place boss battle lol ^^; Hope I can find these games cheap soon :p

      1. OshareKeiji

        “Out-of-place” is more than appropriate. Human’s original version involved Jennifer, a normal character with nothing but her wits and desire to stay alive. Capcom’s Alyssa is… well, for lack of a better comparison, practically a prototype of Kaname Madoka sans the dubious familiar.

        A couple of gameplay nicovids I watched of the game had the uploaders pointing out the obvious mahou shoujo parallels. It was a hoot and a half.

      2. Helu

        Lol, yeah. I played Clock Tower Ghost Head before, the one that is called Clock Tower II in the US but not really Clock Tower 2. The one where the girl has 2 personalities. I haven’t played the original 2 games but have read some about them. Anyway, it’s out-of-place but it’s what makes Clock Tower 3 unique and interesting, I guess… ^^; I’m itching to play the game again X)

  3. OshareKeiji

    First Fear and Ghost Head I have on PSA, 2nd on disc. First Fear was originally a Super Famicom game, so it was quite primitive in every sense of the word (but had moments that it won’t EVER let you forget). 2nd had decent presentation but horrible voice acting. Ghost Head’s split personalty thing between Yuu and Shou was a good way to round out the series, since it gave an actual offensive vibe for once.

    As for 3, Capcom pretty much kept Human’s formula but added their own oddball touches to the mix. The mahou shoujo vibe, the erratic movements (akin to those artsy musical stage plays) coupled with an atmosphere that was practically borrowed from Biohazard.

    I loved the game too because of those funky little details. I remember when I first got the PS1 & 2 Memory Card adapter for the PS3, one of the first things I backed up was my Clock Tower 3 Clear save. I’m glad I did so, because it turns out that once you finish the first chapter, you lose the ability to pick out the alternate costumes and cannot start a new cycle again after clearing the second time around.

    1. Helu

      Lol, yeah I read about Clock Tower 3 post game thing, which is pretty messed up. The game actually doesn’t have New Game+ in strict terms and the Normal Mode clear data actually just acts as an access to Hard Mode and if you overwrite it, good luck (fortunately you seem to have avoided the trap :p). Nowadays I guess developers solve it by having system data and playthrough data…

      Damn Amazon Japan and other online stores, they do know the value of this oddball game lol


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