Kunoichi [1]

Where the heck is my PS2 Shinobi? I tried searching for it in my house, but couldn’t find it. Did I sell it? I couldn’t remember. But then why did I keep Kunoichi? I think it makes sense to keep/sell them together.

Personally I prefer Shinobi to Kunoichi. It’s simpler, I prefer Shinobi’s characters and music, and the gameplay mechanic that forces you to find opponents fast or your health will drain a is good pressure. Kunoichi removes this mechanic but it adds a few more that add a layer of complexity to the game. If I remember correctly, the new mechanics are optional though; you can play Kunoichi completely Shinobi-style, ignoring all the new mechanics. But if you want to get better ranks, you need to take advantage of those.

Since I could only find Kunoichi, I guess I would start playing it first ^^; (before more PS2 games arrive)

Shinobi and Kunoichi btw are among the rare action games where the characters stay constant throughout the game. I.e., they don’t grow stronger, they don’t gain new abilities, etc (With some exception to the the first part of Shinobi, which is story driven). I guess the idea is the player improves, not the character.

I played the tutorials to dust off my rustiness and beat Stage 1 on Normal. Hard difficulty is not available from the start.

I gotta say, I didn’t expect this level of epicness: ^^;

This is the cinematic that plays at the start of the game. I don’t know why I remember it didn’t feel as great when I watched it for the first time long time ago. I guess at that time I was still young and was slow to ‘catch the details’ ^^;

I died once in the boss battle, even when I used Invincible spell. I tried to use charge attack but missed, then the Invincibility wore off and I got struck to death. Haha, a terrible player I am… ^^;

I also couldn’t ‘tate’ (tah-tay) the boss (kill the boss in style). I can’t remember if in Kunoichi you can tate the boss with normal attack (or you must use charge attack). In Shinobi, the key was to power up the sword. Maybe in Kunoichi you can, but because the sword doesn’t power up as much with continuous killing, it may be better or easier to use the charge attack (still with continuous killing).

Anyway, that’s it for now.


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