Kunoichi [2]

Beat Stage 2 on Normal.

This time I managed to tate the boss by reducing his health to half, killing a few enemies first and then doing a charged attack. I was surprised I pulled it off, I thought it would be another dud ^^;

Unfortunately I got a bit of nausea playing this game -_-” I think it’s because the camera eases out when it’s being controlled. And the controls are inverted too, like Rockman X Command Mission… Do Japanese really prefer this scheme? -.-;

I got all the hidden coins in Stage 2. On the contrary, I don’t get any coin in Stage 1. I think it’s because you’re standing on a flying aircraft and the coins would supposedly zip past you in the air and you gotta anticipate them. And apparently the coins are unique in each difficulty, that means one day I need to play the Easy mode as well -.-;


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