Rockman X Command Mission [1]

Look what I found at a used bookstore! XD


A used copy of Rockman X Command Mission! This is a Rockman 3D turn-based RPG that I’ve always wanted to try X)

I played up to the point where I joined Zero and defeated the first hippopotamus boss.

I’ve heard the opening song before but never watched the opening movie up till now. The movie is nothing special, I’m just wondering why they have to put such a long scene before the song… -.-

Personally I’m not a big fan of the Rockman X’s armor redesign in this game, but I get the idea that they want to make his back prettier since we will be seeing it often. Not likely, but I kinda hope his original blue armor is unlockable or something.


I like the graphics. It’s an interesting mix of dark and saturated, lol.

Not a big fan of the camera… X( I guess this game is from an era where the developers don’t really bother to add the normal and inverted options yet, and this game uses the option that I dislike. The recenter button is also L2 and R2 buttons, not standard… -_-”

The battle system is pretty interesting. There is a notion of WE (Weapon Energy) (kind of like MP in other games) that regenerates 25% up to 100% every time it’s the character’s turn. The WE can be used for the character’s special move, which has different execution method. It can also be used to attack with sub weapons, which a character can equip up to two. The thing is, attacking with sub weapons doesn’t end the turn, unlike the normal attack, so it’s a way to slip in additional damage. And the sub weapons I encounter so far has special properties like debuff and elemental damage X)

X’s special move Charge Shot uses WE and it’s actually a multiple target attack! I thought this simple change is genius and leads to interesting battles XD

I can’t wait to try Zero more but I don’t really understand his special move, which is something like trying to input as many fighting moves as possible within a duration, just yet. One of his sub weapons, Kagerou, makes him do twice the number of attacks in a single turn, which is cool.

Enemies also drop tank energy refills when defeated. The tack can store up to 200% energy, and it can be used in various economic options to recover the party’s health.

There is also a notion of Force Metal, which is customization parts that can be equipped to characters, like equipments in other games. There is a penalty if you equip more parts than what the character can currently handle, though (taking inspirations from electronic world, I guess).

But the EXP gained is split among party members. Ugh, it’s gonna be slow leveling up from now on… -.-“

6 thoughts on “Rockman X Command Mission [1]

  1. OshareKeiji

    Take it from someone who’s been there: The grinds will get long, especially since you can’t just choose attack for everyone and call it a day.

    If you get to a point where you absolutely have to do a heavy grind session to power up, do so, finish that boss, take a break in between to do other (simpler) games, then go back to it after about say, about 2~3 days (less if your nerves can hack it).

    That’s how I survived this, SMT III and La Pucelle.

    1. Helu

      Thanks. Well, I don’t think I’m going to rush through this game. Maybe play it a bit every day :)

      But wow, you seem to have played lots of PS2 games ^^

      1. OshareKeiji

        Yep. Like you, I’ve also gone through a modchipped PS2 and had quite a bit of fun with it. A little too much fun though, since it eventually burned out.

        Aside from some DL and CD-burned copies, I already had a handful of original JP titles which I opted not to sell. Back then I was banking on the fact that Sony would come around and introduce an emotion engine fix in a future PS3 software update.

        They obviously never did, so I also got a latter-gen NTSC-J PS2 along with ZZT and Hoihoi-San. Still have some backlogs even in my original JP stash, but also got some extras in case they suddenly become totally OOP even in the second-hand scene.

      2. Helu

        Ah, I see. Yeah those were the days ^^ I gotta say I’m most excited during PS2 era

        And you just introduced something funny to me lol (Hoihoi-San). The closest funny game I’ve played is Mr. Mosquito lol XD

  2. OshareKeiji

    Yeah, it’s a fun little game. The controls are stiff and there’s a completion-percentage breaking bug (had to figure out the workaround on my own since the wikis were no help), but the experience was priceless.

    Especially so since you get to hear Akio Ootsuka of MGS fame being a bit goofy for once, both in the intro narration and as the Xentex Mars CEO.


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