LoveLive! [1]

This is not the first post on LoveLive! but too lazy too renumber the other posts lol ^^;

I finally managed to get an awakened Pure Rare Card.

Normal version:


Awakened version:


I have less Pure cards than the other types of cards, so it’s a welcome addition.

I keep getting the same Smile Rare card though… (the student council president Eri Ayase) -.-”


I don’t really know what to do with these multiple copies…

The game is having some event right now where you can win cards and other prizes.

The good thing about this game is that as far as I know, the game guarantees that you will eventually be able to get all the cards. One of the annoying things about the other smartphone card game I played, Galaxy Dungeon, is that there are cards that you can miss forever (unless they loop it, but I haven’t seen it). I feel a little frustrated and jealous when I look at the Galaxy Dungeon cards that I can no longer get… ^^; (I’m no longer playing Galaxy Dungeon though)

In LoveLive!, the event even puts up a disclaimer saying that the cards will be available to get by normal means after the event is over. Maybe not immediately, but yeah, they will be available. It’s just that if you get it within the event, it’s a sure-fire way than depending on luck.

The event seems hard to achieve without spending money, though… -.-” meh, we’ll see…


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