Rockman X Command Mission [2]

Beat chapter 2, defeated the tiger boss.

I sampled the start of Chapter 3 and it seems you can go to all previous areas, and I think the shops sell all the items I didn’t buy at Chapter 2. I’m glad because I was worried that I was gonna miss those items forever lol ^^; I never really like dealing with all these questions whether I should get the items now or not.

Regarding the boss, I can see miles away that he is meant to be weak against fire, lol. I’m sure equipping X with Fire Buster and sub-weapon Fire Missile had made the boss battle less troublesome that it needs be. Also managed to steal all the items the boss has (this reminds me of Final Fantasy, ugh… -.-)

The game starts to open up, though… On one side it’s exciting, on the other hand it’s gonna be less straightforward from now on… -.-


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