Love Live! [2]

More rare cards awakened.

Smile (pink card) Toujou Nozomi:



Smile Koizumi Hanayo:



This is not as recent but I forgot to post it:

Cool (blue card) Ayase Eri:


I calculated whether I could get the SR Card prize from current event. It’s unlikely unless I play the game round the clock (I only play this game like two short sessions in a day), or use Loveca stones to refill stamina and keep playing. Loveca stones also act as tickets to get rare cards so I’m against that ^^; (you can always buy them but I’m not feeling like spending money either…)

And dear luck, please don’t give me anymore Smile Ayase Eri cards… I have 3 awakened copies of her now -.-” Give me some Nishikino Maki cards (one of my favorite members yet I don’t have a single card of her) or maybe Smile Yazawa Niko so I can awaken her ^^;


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