Kuon & Red Ninja

I went sightseeing lol, and found an old game shop.

‘Do you have PS2 games?’ I asked. The shopkeeper referred me to a box on the ground. It was full of Japanese PS2 games.

Unfortunately they are largely most likely crappy games, but I do see two titles that I’ve been curious to play: Kuon and Red Ninja. I bought them at dirt cheap prices (considering their ridiculous current prices at Amazon Japan… ^^;)

It turns out the copy of Kuon that I bought is actually Asian version (looking at the game code), but it’s a Japanese game and it can play on Japanese system, so oh well.

There is another seemingly interesting game called ChainDive, but I had completely no idea about it so I didn’t buy it.

This morning I tried Red Ninja, and I didn’t exactly come out unscathed ^^;


It’s a weird game. The in-game character models are nice but the CG ones were horrifying. It supposedly plays like Tenchu and Shinobido but the controls are just… clunky. The character Kurenai picks up speed after running a few steps which makes it hard to precisely move her /:( The wall-running thing is just… ugh -.-; And the camera… ergh -_-”

I admit the wire combat system is pretty cool though. But yeah, seems like a game with too many cool ideas and not enough polish to back them up. I had to take a break because I got nauseated by the camera (again)… ^^;

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