Red Ninja [1]

Beat Chapter 1, I believe.


It feels weird playing this game. It’s as if the main character Kurenai forgot to wear a skirt. Well, I guess they can rationalize that she is a ninja and needs to move fast… ^^;


I think the game could be so much better if the developers didn’t actually try too hard with the camera. It’s a free-moving camera but they try to guide the player by directing the camera at various places, and I feel like playing tug-of-war with the camera when that happens… -_-”

I also don’t get why they chose to make X button to drop down and up pad to climb up when you are hanging on a ledge instead of X to climb up and down pad to drop down. I mean, since X button is used for jumping, doesn’t it make more sense for X button in this case to also perform an action that goes up? Feels really counterintuitive to me: when I’m standing, pressing X makes me go up. When I’m hanging, pressing X makes me drop down, possibly to death.

I found out that you can use the wire to stealth kill from slightly further point. This is helpful since otherwise you need to sneak up on enemy by tilting left stick a little to walk slowly, or crouch by holding L2 button. You got to aim at the head though, which is performed by pressing up pad after you throw the wire and before you pull it.

The game could’ve been so much better… For me, the camera, the speeding up, the weird ledge controls I described, and the tough wall-running mechanic ruin it.

I just found out that the character designer is DK, lol. He is the character designer of Nier (the Gestalt Replicant thing) and the mecha designer of Casshern Movie (yeah, those weird robots). He has this unique shading style. I somehow missed it from the game’s front cover but it became clear when I looked at the arts inside the manual.


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