Love Live! [3]

Finally another awakened Rare Card:





I’ve maxed almost everyone’s relationship level now, which means I’m no longer being ‘effective’ when I play the songs. I mean, before, I was leveling 9 cards at once when I played a song, but now I’m only leveling the few remaining ones, and soon I will reach a point where everyone is already maxed and I won’t be leveling up any card when I play a song, which feels like a waste. It tempts me to spend money to get more rare cards so that I can level up those cards. Maybe this is all part of the developers’ evil plan… -.-”

In any case, this game is rather interesting that since you can’t play it all day (restricted by slow-recovering stamina), which makes you come back a few hours later or the next day to try again when you fail perfecting a song, etc, you get to feel your steady improvements.


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