Snake Girls’ Story Completed

Finally picked up Shinovi Versus again and completed what I left off: beating the story mode of Snake Girls’ Academy.


I gotta say, the story takes a pretty interesting turn.

Homura’s team is now unlocked X)


Beat Homura’s arcade mode, too.

It’s a little hard to stay motivated with this game when you’re all powerful… ^^;
Well, I’ll see… supposedly there’s a final challenge in this game.


3 thoughts on “Snake Girls’ Story Completed

  1. OshareKeiji

    There will be one last surprise when you finish the Homura Guren Team. It’s hard enough that it doesn’t matter if you’re at level 50, it boils down to how well you’ve learned chains, recoveries and even exploits.

    1. Helu

      Just beat the final battle. I just spam charged heavy attack (Asuka’s one is especially like cheating), aerial follow-up with only square, square, square, triangle (else they’ll counter back), and ninpos (second-level ninpo works well for both characters) lol.


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