Tokushuu Houdoubu [2]

Just completed chapter 2.

I think it’s a good time to review the gameplay based on what I’ve played so far.

First is the Material Check. These are occasional mini-games where you are supposed to spot an irregularity from materials, be they audio recordings or photos. You can keep trying until you make the right choice, but there is a trophy for getting right in one try on all Material Checks, so I would recommend to save before making a choice.


3/4 way in a chapter you would select one of two ‘program directions’ the story would lead. This is when you should make a separate save because the story would lead to different events, and you need to get through both in order to get 100% (and a silver trophy) on a chapter.

Each chapter ends with the TV presentation program being broadcasted. In this mini-game, you are supposed to tap the correct picture when the timing says ‘Cue’ in order to get perfect. Getting all perfects gives S-rank, and the rank is not per chapter, but per program direction.


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