Tokushuu Houdoubu

Playing Tokushuu Houdoubu for Vita. It’s just a visual novel with mini games.


It’s divided into chapters and the story is about paranormal activities and a TV section that tackles these cases. I’ve previously completed the first chapter which is about UFO abduction (not just beaten, i.e., I’ve 100% it in terms of branching paths etc). I’m now playing chapter 2, which is about human spontaneous combustion (reminds me of Parasite Eve).

This is the only Vita game I know where you can’t capture a screenshot of it. Kinda makes sense, I guess, people may be able to pull a stunt such as capturing every text in the game and uploading it to the web, letting people play (or read?) the game.

It’s at least more interesting than Fate/stay night, my other Vita visual novel, in my current opinion. Fate is just too slow, I’ve been playing it for about 2 hours and I think I’m still in introduction and I haven’t even met Saber yet.

Can it top Dangan Ronpa or Umineko? I’m skeptical, but there should be a very surprising twist about one of the characters at the end of the story.

Oh, btw, the reason I buy this game is because the art is by Hiro Kiyohara. He is the artist behind Another’s manga adaptation (a recent horror novel that somehow becomes popular and gets adapted to anime, manga and movie).

And the reason I was drawn to Another manga… well, the way the artist draws the girls’ eyes is simply beautiful.


In any case, I might change to another game if I find it too boring… ^^;


9 thoughts on “Tokushuu Houdoubu

  1. OshareKeiji

    Unless they extend the promotion, it usually lasts about a month. That’s why I hold off on buying some older Vita titles nowadays, since they might come out on Plus eventually.

    1. Helu

      I see. If the game can be beaten within a month, that makes for a very reasonable rental ^^

      Edit: I checked the terms & conditions… so the download is only available until certain date, but once downloaded, as long as your Plus service is active, you can play it without restriction? Wow.

  2. OshareKeiji

    Yep. My main reason for availing was the Cloud Save though. Lost my old Lumines Supernova data when my first PS3 kicked it and it sucked having to restore all my records.

    Well, with the free play thingy I was able to try out Uncharted: Chizunaki Bouken No Hajimari (Golden Abyss), Time Travelers and this one without spending extra. Got a few Neo-Geo titles too which I haven’t played since forever.

    1. Helu

      It’s pretty interesting service, I must say, and I kinda regret not checking it out earlier and missing previous deals. Also, it seems the cloud save is the only way to transfer save data from physical copy to digital version and vice versa, in cases where you own physical copy but decides later to get digital version and sell the physical copy etc. And not only that, Japan seems to have better deals in terms of free games than the rest of the world? ^^;

      1. OshareKeiji

        No surprise there, a lot of the more interesting games come from their shores after all, though lately a few of the majors have had their fair share of hiccups on account of development shortcuts, politics, and trying (sometimes in vain) to make it bigger into the supposedly low-cost, high-profit mobage platform.

        A lot of the offered free games were nice (even the retro PC Engine shooters were a blast), though House Of The Dead 3 was a bit of a raw deal. I came to understand the hard way why it was one of the nominees for KOTY (Kusoge Of The Year) during it’s initial release. Well, it was free, so I’m not too bitter. My trophy listing for it will be stuck at 50% though, since the rest of the conditions are nigh-impossible due to some of it’s more “compromised” factors.

        The physical to digital migration clause doesn’t apply to all games though. Take Siren New Translation for example. DLed it when it came out on Plus even though I already have the BD, but it can’t read my BD copy’s save. It created another one, but kept the former intact.

  3. Helu

    I see. Yeah, mobage… ^^;

    I don’t think they’re going to offer games like Project Diva f or Street Fighter X Tekken, though… :p Well, we’ll see. I think I’m going to sign up for Plus when I see a Vita game I really want to try comes out.

    Hmm, could the Siren case be due to version differences? I know rather surprisingly for Siren New Translation that the Asian (R3) disc is the best physical version, cause I think it has both English and Japanese subtitles, and full data install.

  4. OshareKeiji

    Yeah, obviously the bestsellers won’t make it. Still it’s a nice platform for trying out certain games risk-free. If it’s good, then yay. If not, no biggie.

    Regarding Siren NT, it can’t be due to a regional difference since my BD copy is also JP. It’s probably just a slight discrepancy in formatting makeup because the system’s episode content has to be monitored. Since it was released around the era of the low-memory capacity 1st-gen PS3, the system gives you the option to delete prior episodes to make room for the new ones.


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