Tokushuu Houdoubu Platinum

Finally completed the game.


Chapter 5 and the final chapter have quite a number of hidden branching paths that would prevent 100% completion. Also, this game has multiple endings but the decisions that affect the ending all lie within the final chapter.

So what do I think of the story? Not bad, but not great, either. It doesn’t feel like it has a lot of energy, unlike Dangan Ronpa or Umineko.

The ending kind of indicates there would be a continuation, but I’m not counting on it.

I’m just glad the game didn’t bug on me. I was kinda worried since the game holds a hidden system data (which is how it can keep overall progress even though you delete all save data) and some of the trophies seem error-prone.

That’s one game down. But ugh, still so many backlog… -.-“


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