Project X Zone [2]


Just resumed playing this game and cleared the first 10 chapters.

I’m still at the beginning phase where all the characters are gathering. I already met the God Eater and End Of Eternity teams. Looking forward to meet Valkyria Chronicles, Megaman X and Mugen Frontier teams X)

I really like the background music of God Eater and Reiji & Xiaomu teams. God Eater’s music is the instrumental version of its opening song Over The Clouds, while Reiji & Xiaomu’s music is the instrumental version of Namco X Capcom opening song.

But still… what a huge SRPG… the maps can be large and the number of units in the area are staggering (it’s like every allies I gather participate in battles without anyone sitting on the bench). It can take a lot of time to clear each level especially the 10th level I just played. It even takes much longer if you want to beat every optional enemies and gather all treasures in the level (to maximize EXP gain and get good items).

For those who played Super Robot Wars series this scale might be norm, but for me, who only remember completing Bomberman Wars and Valkyrie Profile DS, this is a little too large than I’m used to… -_-”

And there doesn’t seem to be a free mode where you can level up the characters… The game keeps forcing me to advance to the next story chapter. What if I didn’t level up effectively during the story mode? Hopefully some free mode would open later…


6 thoughts on “Project X Zone [2]

  1. OshareKeiji

    I’ve seen a few vids on this game. The scale is Super Robot Wars size, but in the SRW front a unit limit is often imposed. If there’s any other game I can think of that doesn’t allow benchwarmers, it’s Queen’s Blade/Gate Spiral Chaos, though the unit numbers there are smaller.

    For SRPGs with no free mode, the best advice I can give you is this: Have the higher level characters soften up enemies to the point where the lower level ones can finish them off. Not sure how the EXP system in X Zone works, but in many games there’s slight EXP earned for damage inflicted and a bonus for besting an enemy unit.

    1. Helu

      Thanks for the advice. The details of this game are rather surprising for me. There is no free mode at all. Apparently, nothing carries over in New Game+ except items, and I don’t even know whether that include equipments and accessories or just usable items. All items are obtained from treasures and enemies, and many of them are one-time deals, meaning if you miss it, you can’t no longer get it until next playthrough (if equipments and accessories also carry over that’s it).

      I have been playing rather sloppily in this regard. I neither kill every enemies nor get every treasures and just go for the victory conditions. I might pay the price later on so I decided to just restart early -_-;

  2. WingedHao

    I like the character roster, a lot of them are from my favorite RPGs. The atk animations get repetitive after stage 15 for me. Even more disappointing with the Support(solo) characters since they are stuck with one animation throughout the game.

    The BGMs is a plus, God Eater ones are good, especially when God and Man started playing.

    1. Helu

      Yep, the character roster is very good! Very surprising for me is that they include End Of Eternity, and even more than that, the X and Zero are from Rockman X4, which I think is the best Rockman X game. This game makes me want to look up the respective games, like Sakura Taisen, which I have completely no exposure on. And maybe it’s a little too late, but I want to try God Eater. Maybe I will start with the first game even though the second game would be released by then.

      1. WingedHao

        End Eternity (RoF) is a damn good game on PS3. Have you played it? The OST of that game is beast.

        Should really play God Eater asap, it’s pretty cheap these day, even for retail copies.

      2. Helu

        Yep, I’m actually playing God Eater right now. Just unlocked the first Rank 5 mission.
        And yep, I have a Japanese copy of End Of Eternity. Still at the beginning, though.
        But yeah, gotta say I’m getting sick of simple games like visual novels and rhythm games, lol.

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