Tekken 6


Trying to platinum this game so that I can sell it away, if it’s still worth something ^^;

It’s kinda outdated now that there is Tekken Tag Tournament 2. You can, for example, play as solo instead of tag team in TTT2, and that’s a more updated Tekken, even if you don’t care about tag.

I have actually platinumed this game before but it’s under my old account.

Most trophies of this game are gotten from Scenario Campaign, the console-only mini-game. I gotta say, Tekken 6’s Scenario Campaign is Tekken’s highest production value mini-game so far (there are quite a significant number of cutscenes and the story has some meats to it) and I also think it’s the most fun.

I have gotten all Scenario Campaign trophies. It’s actually quite challenging because the secret stages are rather tough (but since I’ve done before, I know the strategies lol).

I’m left with trophies for getting all character ending movies and beating the giant robot Nancy. Nothing too difficult, just troublesome -_-“


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