Project X Zone [3]

So I decided to restart the game. I found out that there are no free battles to level up outside the story, which means that I should’ve defeated every enemies in each chapter to get as much EXP as possible. Not only that, many boss enemies and treasure chests carry one-time-deal items, and I missed some of those.

I managed to catch up to where I left off last time, the end of chapter 10. This time, I collected all treasure chests and defeated every enemies including the optional bosses, which often give beneficial equipments.

I thought that the maps are huge, but it’s really only Chapter 10. Chapter 10 has lots and lots of enemies and bosses and the treasure chests force me to split up the party. I hope the maps are not always that big from now on… -_-”

Now that many enemies have block meter, which needs to be destroyed before they can start taking damage, I find the original team’s skill that nullifies block very useful. Only they have it currently though. I hope they aren’t the only one with this skill, just because they are the main protagonists… -_-


The original team, Kouryuuji Mii and Tenzai Kogorou

Edit: Okay, I found Heihachi’s solo unit attack has 50% chance of nullifying block. The original team’s one is manual activation and 100% chance though.

There is another nice skill that prevents enemy from counter-attacking after your attack, which is especially useful against boss enemies. So far, the Yumeria kid and the Fighting Vipers’ Bahn has it. They are solo units which you can team up with any pair unit.


2 thoughts on “Project X Zone [3]

  1. niith

    Hi there!
    I just got to ch 10, is it really necessary to restart and get all the missed exp and items?

    Because i dont feel like restarting ch 9 and 10 which tookme an hours each to finish :/

    I think i started clearing everything in ch 9, my characters are all in lvl 10-12 range

    1. Helu Post author

      Hi there,

      Back then I collected every items, but I think the game can still be beaten even with missing items. Most items end up unused anyway and some characters have desired skills naturally.

      Also, the EXP gain is controlled such that it’s easy to raise to the level the developers want you to be at the moment, but hard to go over that. So you don’t have to worry about being underleveled.


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