Tekken 6 Nancy


One of the trophies requires you to beat the extra stage in Arcade Mode where you have to defeat a giant robot named Nancy.

Now, this robot is a big bully since she can quickly deplete your health, but it takes forever to reduce hers. And you can’t win by having more health when the timer runs out, so you have to destroy her. Not only you have to be careful and avoid her attacks, you have to race against time, which sometimes means taking risks.

I didn’t remember having too much trouble before. I guess before I was lucky or I was in a considerably better form. But I’m proud that after several tries, I actually learn to dodge her attacks correctly most of the times, and managed to defeat her.

One trophy down, the rest is just getting character ending movies by using respective characters in some quick arcade mode.


2 thoughts on “Tekken 6 Nancy

    1. Helu

      Yep, you could be doing very well but then you fell and it was all for naught. The collision is pretty weird too, I swear I was only at the edge and yet the game dropped me lol


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