Project X Zone [5]

Beat chapter 15.

The End Of Eternity team (Zephyr + Reanbell pair unit and Vashyron solo unit) is fast becoming my favorite team. Although their movement range is 5 (other units are mostly 6), their attack range is 3 (other units are mostly 2, well, they use guns). Not only that, one of their skills extends the range to 4. This is actually useful because some bosses can’t counter attack if the attacker is too far away. Also, they recently acquired the skill to nullify enemy’s block! Plus they also have a skill that allows calling for support attack twice. Putting it together, they can attack from far away without getting countered by some bosses + nullify block so don’t have to waste first few attacks breaking enemy’s guard + 2 support attacks = extremely dangerous team. Of course, it uses up some XP (the MP in this game, not to be confused with EXP)… One more thing, they gain 20% more EXP, and it’s an automatic skill.

スクリーンショット 2013-05-26 20.01.41

Another skill I find useful is all units’ movement range +2. Ichiro + Sakura (Sakura Taisen) pair unit and Flynn (Tales Of Vesperia) solo unit so far have it.

I gotta say, sometimes I feel amazed at how much thought they have put into the battle system… which makes up the fact that this game only has battles and really nothing else ^^;


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