Project X Zone [6]

Beat chapter 16.

This level is pretty fun; you have to chase after 4 goblins before they escape or it’s game over. They don’t really stand a chance since I know what I’m doing, lol ^^; I think if people don’t utilize the all units’ movement range + 2 skill and the nullify ZOC skill (ZOC apparently stands for zone of control – apparently in this game you can’t get past enemy’s immediate side if you don’t nullify this ZOC thing), they might not be able to catch up with the goblins though.

I’m glad more and more units are gaining multiple target attack. Now Akira & Pai (they can only target two, though), Chun Li & Morrigan, Kogorou & Mii (original characters), Frank & Lei Lei have it. They keep throwing more and more enemies in a single level but at least it’s not so bad now since I can now kill multiple enemies at once.

Not only that, the party has rejoined, and Jin + Xiaoyu and Batsu from Justice Gakuen have joined the party. Batsu was apparently supposed to met Fighting Vipers’ Ban for a duel in Roppongi, lol.


I think there are only a few more members left. Can’t wait to get them all XD

Damn I’m addicted to this game. This reminds me of the days when I play Code Geass RPG for Nintendo DS.


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