Project X Zone [7] & God Eater Burst

Reached chapter 23.

Chapter 19 is weird because Kosmos & T-elos finally joins the party but they are stationed right at the enemy base. They got knocked out before I could bring the whole party to assist them. I think it’s supposed to be a tutorial on using one of their skills Boost, which almost ensures they’re the first to act on next turn, but they still got surrounded to death… -.-;

Chapter 20 is awesome! It’s Rockman X chapter, and they use my favorite Rockman X game, Rockman X4. The level is from one of the stages in X4, complete with the background music. X and Zero’s attacks use weapons that they obtained in X4. X even transformed into Ultimate Armor, which is available through in-game code in the original game.

Chapter 21 – 23 ask me to reach a certain target within 15 turns, and then eliminate all enemies once the target is reached.

I would be lying if I say that I’m not getting tired of this game. The experience has been like cracking a tough nut, which gets tougher and tougher as I go on. I would prefer if they make the maps smaller and not just stuff lots and lots of enemies in every chapter. I think the Valkyrie Profile strategy game for Nintendo DS fits my preferences more.

Beside that, I finally bought God Eater Burst. I bought the download version from Japanese PSN. It’s the greatest hits version, so it’s reasonably cheap at 2500 yen. Though, I didn’t know that they would further lower the price to 1600 yen on 6th of June -.-;


It does feel like Monster Hunter but it’s different enough. I find it very cool that you can switch between blade and gun forms. I was very surprised, couldn’t see it coming, at the full-blown bullet customization system. It’s almost like a game editor lol.

So how far am I in this game? I’ve played up to the point where I can play Rank 4 missions.


4 thoughts on “Project X Zone [7] & God Eater Burst

    1. Helu

      Yep, I replicated some of the bullet recipes I found online. Cannot perfectly replicate some of them though coz I still don’t have access to some of the bullets ^^;
      But yeah, I really didn’t see this coming… I thought the game was gonna be more or less a Monster Hunter knock-off. This bullet customization kind of sets this game apart even with all the other games I’ve played.

      1. WingedHao

        I couldn’t get into MH, but really enjoyed GE, the setting of the game, combining the soundtrack, composed by Go Shiina makes the game felt really unique in a way. Another thing I like is the smaller map designs, and no loading transitions between areas is a plus.

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