Fate/stay night & God Eater Burst [2]


Fate/stay night Realta Nua for Vita

I shed tears of joy when I finally reached this scene (not literally). The introduction of this game has dragged on for far too long. And some of the scenes… It’s hard to see them being necessary or having much use later, and yet they never seem to quickly move out of the way.


Didn’t see this plot coming… at all

As for God Eater Burst, I managed to beat the last Rank 5 story mission. It was against a new Aragami called Ouroboros. It’s the biggest Aragami I fought so far. The battle is pretty long, but not as long as I expected. It’s funny to see such a giant thing die from a relatively small blade swing on its feet, lol… ^^; (yeah I never play Monster Hunter that far)

And I can now access the first Rank 6 mission! Let’s see… 2 Vajras and a new Aragami?

…Yeah right… -.-“


2 thoughts on “Fate/stay night & God Eater Burst [2]

  1. WingedHao

    I was wondering if you’re picking up Soul Sacrifice in the future. The theme is way darker then GEB and the map design is similar to it, no transitions between areas, just one map.

    1. Helu

      Not sure. I think I would want to dedicate myself to only one Monster Hunter-type of game, and I think God Eater Burst – and eventually God Eater 2 – is it.

      I guess I prefer anime visuals and sci-fi settings. Which is why I like Xenosaga series, for example.


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