Project X Zone [9]

Oh, so more bad guys are joining my side… Saya joins the party at chapter 25. She should be a Namco X Capcom character, so I paired her with Reiji + Xiaomu team (too lazy to pair the units to optimize skillsets lol).

During her attack, she took off her jacket, leaving her with her corset. Pretty sexy… 0_o


Also, apparently some skills are unlocked through the story. I was kinda wondering why some characters were not getting their expected skills even though they reached certain levels.

I never used the mid-battle save before but it turns out to be quite useful. It saves and overwrites to a single separate slot. You can use it before you make a decision that might turn out to be a mistake. If you do make a mistake, you can just reset the game and use continue in main menu to turn back in time. One small thing, if the mid-battle save is not overwritten, it will continue to exist even though you may have advanced to the next battles.

I thought it was more limited like the Castlevania DS’ suspend feature.


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