Project X Zone [10]

Juri from Street Fighter joins the party in chapter 26. I suspect she is the last unit since now there is an equal amount of pair units and solo units.

Edit: Juri is annoying because she keeps moving the ‘Cross’ target around… -_-


It’s straightforward to team up some of the pair units and solo units based on their origins, but the rest not so…

Very, very straightforward:

  • Kurt + Riela and Imca (Valkyria Chronicles 3)
  • Soma + Alisa and Lyndow (God Eater)
  • Reiji + Xiaomu and Saya (Namco X Capcom)
  • Haken + Kaguya and Sanger (Super Robot Wars OG)
  • Zephyr + Reanbell and Vashyron (End Of Eternity)
  • Dante + Dmitri and Lady (Devil May Cry and well, Darkstalkers)
  • Yuri + Estel and Flynn (Tales Of Vesperia)

Quite straightforward:

  • X + Zero and Tron (different Rockman series, but oh well)
  • Chun-Li + Morrigan and Juri (Juri can go to Ryu + Ken, but this makes all women team)
  • Ryu + Ken and Batsu (different fighters but all Capcom team)
  • Akira + Pai and Baan (different fighters but all Sega team)
  • Jin + Xiaoyu and Heihachi (Tekken team, Alisa Bosconovitch can go here, but…)

Not so straightforward:

  • Kosmos + Telos and Alisa Bosconovitch (all female Android team)
  • Kite + Black Rose and Neneko (Kite and Neneko were together in the opening movie… and both .Hack and Yumeria series seem to be about ‘different world’s…)
  • Frank + LeiLei and Kazuya (Dead Rising x Darkstalkers x Zombie Revenge)
  • Chris + Jill and Bruno (Don’t know about Dynamite series, just pair Bruno to other arms users…)

Remainder mess:

  • Touma + Cyril and Arthur (Shining Force EXA x Ghosts ‘n Goblins, well they cross paths early in the game’s prologue)
  • Erica + Gemini and Ulala (Sakura Wars x Space Channel 5, both Erika and Ulala use musical instruments)
  • Ichiro + Sakura and Devilotte (Sakura Wars x Cyberbots, both series have mechas)
  • Kogoro + Mii and Valkyrie (the last units left)

And there we have it, all 20 possible teams in the game.

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