Project X Zone [11] And Why I Prefer Japanese Version

Beat chapter 29. It was unexpected, but they put Iris (character from Rockman X4) story here:


I learned about her appearance way before the game was released:


After feeling teary and nostalgic, I went to search YouTube for Iris death scene. I think it’s one of the most emotional scenes in Rockman X series, which is why I think Rockman X4 is the best. There are several more nice cutscenes in X4. After X4, Capcom went skimpy in the anime department. From X6 onward, I think X series has lost its steam.

This is what I found, and it’s a stark reminder of why I generally prefer Japanese version of Japanese games:

The second version was the horrible English version I got to listen to a long time ago. Back then I had both Rockman X4 (Japanese version) and Megaman X4 (US version), and they are like my first PlayStation games. I got to know very early about what one could be missing from Japanese version, lol. The third version is much better, but I still prefer Japanese version.

p.s., apparently Lucas Gilbertson, who does the third version, is the new English Zero voice actor since Megaman X Command Mission. He further voices Zero in Maverick Hunter X (MX1 remake for PSP) and Megaman X8. The third version is just a fandub of sort by him. There isn’t a rerelease of Megaman X4 with voice change or anything like that (regrettably…)

Iris’ wish is quite twisted from human’s point of view, but maybe normal to a Reploid’s. Maybe because I haven’t watched much anime, but I don’t see this kind of character often (asking the good guy not to harm the bad guys because of her dream where she and the good guy can be together in it).

I really must thank the people in Project X Zone development team who thought about giving tribute to this scene in the game… T_T

This is the other cool cutscene in Rockman X4, by the way:

The series’ main antagonist is reduced to become Zero’s bitch, lol.

And the game’s opening:

My first ever video game anime-style opening I watched.

Good old days ^^


2 thoughts on “Project X Zone [11] And Why I Prefer Japanese Version

  1. The Oblivious Prattler

    Everyone thinks the English Iris death scene is bad, but they don’t condemn all English localizations because of it. C’mon now! -_-


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