Project X Zone [12] Complete!

Finally beat the game. The clear save data says 65 hours 23 minutes.



So the game has 41 chapters and 5 prologue chapters. The final chapter is especially long. Luckily I understood some of the systems and took advantage of them so I didn’t encounter much difficulty even in the final chapter. I can imagine the game would have been much harder if I didn’t bother to look at the systems and stuffs.

Overall it’s a nice game, I’m actually amazed at how much thought that have been put into the battle system. But in the end it does feel repetitive and dull since it offers nothing else.

I don’t think I’m going to start a second playthrough anytime soon… ^^;

Now I want to check out the series featured in the game, lol… like Sakura Taisen and Shining Force EXA.


6 thoughts on “Project X Zone [12] Complete!

    1. Helu

      It’s not a bad game. Timing for critical hits is fun. There are areas in the game where you can improve from experience and understanding of the battle system. Lots of nostalgia and references if you know some of the series. If you ever find it too repetitive just stop for a while and come back later.

  1. WingedHao

    I read up about the English ver. of PXZ had tons of BGMs removed (ex. Ring a Bell, Over the Cloud). Even the OP and ED got replaced. Seems like my English copy is gonna be sealed forever. :/


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