Super Robot Taisen UX : Out of frying pan, into fire

Am I addicted to SRPG games? ^^;


I could’ve tried Fire Emblem Awakening or Devil Survivor Overclocked, but I thought this time I should try one with robots.

I hardly had a taste of Super Robot Wars series, so this is virtually my first Super Robot Wars experience. Let’s see if I’m going to like it :p

Looking at the cover, I actually don’t know much of the robots except Gundam 00 and Virtual On’s Fei Yen. Partly the reason I bought is because of Hatsune Miku Fei Yen, of course lol.

Reached chapter 3. It’s certainly different from Project X Zone, like how you can act the units in any order during player phase.


7 thoughts on “Super Robot Taisen UX : Out of frying pan, into fire

  1. WingedHao

    If it’s your first SRW, then the important things are you have to play your seishins well, know the terrain porperties and also the pros and cons of “Super” and “Real” robots. “Super” are usually those mechas with ridiculous “magical” attack animations, they have high HP and DEF, poor at dodging and Gundams are a good example of “Real” robots, with armaments as their attacks and stuffs, have low HP and DEF, but have high evade and mobility. :)

    1. Helu

      Yep, I noticed about the seishins… it’s like PxZ’s skills but much more important, lol. Didn’t notice about the terrains but saw the different rankings of units when on air, ground etc. Thanks for the pointers ^^

      One thing that strikes me weird about this game is the random hit chance + quick reset. Say I have 60% chance of hitting and I fail, then I just quick reset and try again until I hit. Feels weird and I don’t know if SRW players do this all the time too ^^;

  2. WingedHao

    I also recommend picking up Kurogane no Linebarrel, it’s one of the series appeared in this SRW. But the one in this is based on the manga so there are some differences compared to the anime.

      1. WingedHao

        Not sure. I actually only watched the anime. But most people suggest the manga to be more superior. The PSP game is based on the anime so yeah. If you pick the anime, you will noticed the differences once you get far in UX.

      2. Helu

        I see. I’m also quite interested with Fafner as well. My friend introduced me to the nice opening song. But yeah, for some reason I haven’t been watching anime… ^^;

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