Tekken Revolution


Just tried the free-to-play Tekken for PS3.

It’s using stamina restriction model like those smartphone games, unlike Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate which is unlimited basic pack. Personally I prefer DOA5U model more.

But it’s great because… the bound system is gone! It’s as if the series returns to the good old Tekken 5 days, lol.

In short, it’s a 1-on-1 Tekken, with latest moves from Tekken Tag 2, minus bound system from Tekken 6 (but there are still floor breaks and bound low-parry), plus one Special ‘Shoryuken’ move for each character (invincibility at start-up, very punishable on block), plus Critical system (a few moves of the characters can randomly deal more damage).

The Shoryuken moves quite change the game. A lot of Shoryuken moments now. Basically you can slip in these moves when you defend against someone who keeps poking, or when they attack on wake-up. I fought some people who appear decent with their combos but haven’t figured out these nasty ‘from Street Fighter’ special moves, yet… ^^;

If you look at the trailer, around 1:40 or so, you can see the Shoryuken in action, King to Jack and Asuka to Lili:

You can now level up (as a player, not per character) and distribute points among characters’ attack, health and ‘critical chance up’ statuses. Since the point distribution can’t be undone, and the points are shared among all characters, I’m a bit wary to use my points. I actually fought fellow scrubs who pumped their characters’ attacks just fine, so maybe increasing attack points is not that effective… I’ll just see how other players distribute their points, see whether it makes a lot of difference, before using my points.


You can unlock more characters as you play (by accumulating gift points), but I’m not sure if you can eventually unlock all the roster. The ones that are known so far to need unlocking are Leo, Steve, Alisa and Bryan (random). The starting characters are Law, Lili, Asuka, Kazuya, Jack, King, Paul and Lars. You can fight Heihachi, Jinpachi and Ogre at Arcade mode.

Speaking of which, no Training mode. They seem to want players to just go get ‘field experience’, lol ^^;

The graphics has become subtly stylized, and I actually like it.

And they keep changing Asuka’s face, lol. She looks closer to her original Tekken 5 look now and I think this is her best version yet.


I also haven’t really gotten a good look at Kazuya in TTT2 but he just looks perfect in this game.

The art style and the Shoryuken moves and the ‘gameplay affecting’ customization… can’t help but think that this has something to do with the upcoming Tekken X Street Fighter, lol.


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