Good Bye Nintendo DS Lite & Welcome Endless Frontier

Just bought a Nintendo DS game. It can play on my 3DS but it’s tad blurry (and the other ‘original pixel’ mode too small) for my liking, so I took out my DS Lite which I have put back inside its box for a long time (the last DS game I played was Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume, and that was late 2008).

It works fine at first but after a few minutes or so, the top screen ‘degenerates’:


It’s a shame because I really like my white DS Lite. Very simple and clean, and the buttons’ unique tactile feel is addictive.

Although I can still play DS games on my 3DS, this means I lost my ability to play GBA games.

What game did I buy? This:


I want to try Endless Frontier series since I played Project X Zone and my local game store ‘conveniently’ has a brand-new Japanese copy tucked in a corner. If only it was this way every time ^^;

First impressions: Nice, I see the similarities with Project X Zone but I have to manually set up the attacks through some menu instead of using directional buttons? -_-;


6 thoughts on “Good Bye Nintendo DS Lite & Welcome Endless Frontier

    1. Helu

      I guess it’s because I didn’t touch it for long. My PSOne was also like that. I went for overseas study and when I returned a year later, I discovered that it became bad at reading discs. I guess in Singapore electric appliances slowly die from humidity if you keep them still, lol. I guess I should install some dehumidifiers now.

      It was Funz Centre at Orchard Central. Not only that, at this shopping mall you can buy $50 coupon for $40. So in a sense I paid this game $10 cheaper (making it around the same cost if I were to buy from Amazon Japan + relay shipping).

      1. WingedHao

        ahh I see. Well, I mainly visit the Funz Centre at AMK hub even though I stay at the west area. Often find the one in Orchard Central to be really quiet every time I went.

      2. Helu

        That’s actually a reason I go to Orchard Central. It’s significantly quieter than other shopping malls in Orchard even during crowded periods ^^

        Do you know any other game shops besides Funz Centre that sell Japanese games? Even if they are leftover Japanese PS2 games?

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