Metal Gear Solid 2 [4] Again?

Previously: Metal Gear Solid 2 [3]





This time the game is using the young lady model instead of the middle-aged one.

Bug? Vita-exclusive easter egg?

But yeah, I’m pumped for Metal Gear Solid 5. Time to clear some MGS trophies X)

Unfortunately I didn’t do the ‘transfarring’ thing right at the beginning when I first made my Vita save, so I can’t no longer synch to PS3 version while getting all the trophies I earned in Vita version. Got to do double work. At least the PS3 version should be easier because of more familiar controls. I haven’t started with the other modes like Snake Tales, Missions and Metal Gear Solid 3 though, and these are all separate saves. Now that I know, at least I don’t have to do double work for the Missions, I guess.

The Missions would be the hardest and most consuming part. I remember there were a few frustrating missions back in the PS2 days. Plus Vita controls might make them even harder.

Also, the cloud save is not compatible with different region. I have US PS3 version and Japanese Vita version, and each save appears as ‘corrupted’ to the other version… :x


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