Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Platinum

Finally platinum’ed the game.


According to my records, I did it over the span of a week, making little progress each day.

One of the gold trophies requires you to unlock every available moves for Combot. This one is annoyingly repetitive since there is really only one stage where you can earn the most amount of points under the shortest amount of time and without full concentration. Though depressing, I unlocked this first.

The last major task is to raise a character’s rank to Tekken Lord, which is 30th rank, by fighting opponents in the Ghost Mode. I picked Asuka since I’m using her in Tekken Revolution and it took me 500+ wins to get to Tekken Lord. I realized a little too late that the fastest way to raise rank is to fight opponents whose ranks exactly match your current one. Not only when the ranks are lower, if the ranks are higher it won’t be as effective as well (which is tad unintuitive).


I remember I had done the same thing as Law back in Tekken 5 and Tekken Dark Resurrection (PSP) days, and Lili in Tekken 6 PSP. Tekken Lord is no longer the highest rank in TTT2, though. The highest rank now seems to be Tekken God, which is 32th rank.

How I fought using Asuka in Ghost Mode is not something that can be used online, so I know offline Tekken Lord really means nothing ^^; It basically involves spamming df+1,4 (almost always wins at the round start), ff+2,1 (AI loves to eat it), b+3,2 (when AI is closer), db+4,4,3 (when opponents are down) and other good moves such as d+2 to stop capoeira characters.

I gotta say, I get sick of looking at the opponents in Ghost Mode which more often than not have been customized to look like clowns -.-”

I thought I had to beat Arcade Mode with different characters to unlock their endings, a requirement for another gold trophy, but no. In Ghost Mode, if you fight ‘golden’ opponents you may unlock random character endings, and for me it was enough to unlock the gold trophy.

So yeah, another platinum, another Tekken game down.

I’m left with the bowling mode in Tekken Tag Tournament HD and the ‘login for 10 days’ trophy in Tekken Revolution -.-


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