Peace Walker


Picked up Peace Walker HD for PS3 again. Before I stopped last time I already completed the Main Ops and quite a number of Extra Ops. It’s the only Metal Gear game so far with online trophies. Who knows when they are going to close the servers, lol.

Back then, I spent many hours with the PSP version, even going as far as to use Adhoc Party to play with Japanese players. In Adhoc Party you can do text chat with other players. In Peace Walker HD where online multiplayer is built in, it seems you can only do voice chat. Need to use PS3’s built-in message and chat systems to do the same results.

I tried playing co-ops. Surprisingly, there is not a shortage of players around (maybe it’s thanks to MGS5 hype), and I gotta say, most players have become experts at this game. Back when I first got this game early and tried co-ops, it was a mess; people brought wrong equipments, did the erong things, etc. It was hard to get S-ranks because there would be one newbie among the 4 people who would start spraying bullets. Now they know the right equipments to carry, and I don’t have to communicate that I want to go for a no-kill clear. I’m somewhat embarrassed that I’m the one dragging the other players down now, since I haven’t acquired the right weapons and equipment a.

There are really only two online trophies in this game. One is to play all rules (modes) of the multiplayer Versus Ops. I hosted a game that I set to consist of stages with all the different rules. To my surprise, a lot of players quickly joined in. And I never knew the multiplayer was very fun! Back when I played the PSP version, I only tried the mode once or twice with my friend and that’s just 1-on-1. A hidden gold. In any case, I got this trophy down.

The second one is to raise camaraderie to 20,000. I’m currently at 6,000+ and it might take a little while ^^; camaraderie is raised by playing with the same people repeatedly. I remember there is some problem with the game remembering only a limited number of players met. When a player record gets erased, the current total camaraderie will also decrease. Which means it’s not enough to just keep playing, I actually need to play with the same players if possible. Hopefully there are only a few players playing now that I would keep bumping into the same players… ^^;

It’s a love-and-hate thing for me when I have to re-familiarize myself with something that I was once familiar with. I know the weapons and the equipments I need to get. I just have to do it again, I guess.

If anyone wants to work together for the camaraderie trophy, I’m all for it ^^

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