Tekken Tag Tournament HD Platinum

Two platinums in two days? Lol.


I was actually just left with 3 trophies in TTHD.

The first one is to get 30 Perfect wins. I’m pretty sure I have had quite a number of Perfect wins in the past. Sure enough, it only took me two matches to get this trophy, no need to set up dummy opponent in VS Mode and stuffs.

The second one is to perform ‘chicken’, which is parrying a parry (or counter, my term is not exact). If I have a friend next to me this can be easily coordinated, but since that’s not the case I did have to set up two controllers with button configurations and stuffs.

The third one is… getting over 200 score in Tekken Bowl mode. I’m not a big fan of video game bowling, so this was pretty painful to me. But I watched this perfect Tekken Bowl video:

I tried to follow the video but had difficulty replicating the success. It turns out that for me, I need to move even tad more to the left as my aim tends to stop more to the right. After doing this adjustment, I got a ‘turkey’ in the beginning, some spares and misses, another turkey at the end, and get 200+ score. Hoorah!

Tomorrow would be the 10th day I played Tekken Revolution consecutively. That’s another Tekken 100%, I guess.


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