Peace Walker [2] Intensive Progress


S-ranked all Main Ops. Well, I was just left with a few Main Ops to S-rank. One of them is the annoying find ID card mission that has a QTE at the end. If you make even one incorrect input during QTE (and most likely you will, one part requires a very fast reaction), you can’t get S-rank and need to redo the whole thing.

Finally managed to develop Infinity Bandana. This is a must if you don’t want to drag other players down during co-ops. This makes your weapons have infinite ammo so you can depend less on using Supply Markers to replenish your supplies. And this item doesn’t hurt the clear ranking, surprisingly. The catch is you might die while having it equipped since you can’t equip rations at the same time. And you may still want to bring Supply Markers into the missions since it doesn’t make rations infinite.

In my first post, I thought every players have become experts. I was wrong. I have since met clueless players (mostly non-Japan players, why -.-) that keep killing enemies during co-ops. Basically in Mech battles, no kill = S-rank. And you may unlock some rewards for getting S-ranks. When these players start killing enemies, the ranks would sharply drop to C. I had to S-rank a few mech battles by myself since I need certain rewards.

Already got the blueprint for M47, the strongest rocket launcher in the game. But it requires R&D level 98. My current R&D level is 95. Need to find more A-rank and above technicians… -.-”

My camaraderie level is now 10,000+, halfway for the 20,000 camaraderie trophy. But I need to manage my list of 50 comrades so that comrades with high camaraderies don’t get overwritten. Basically 50 x 400 = 20,000, so the ones below 400 can be discarded. In my experience, it’s pretty hard to meet a player once in a co-op and get 400, unless you do a lot of things together. Which means I need to seek the same player multiple times.

Wanted to unlock every Extra Ops. I’m almost done, with 4 more to go.

Gonna rest now… -.- zzz


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