Peace Walker [3] 20,000 Camaraderie


Unlocked the online 20,000 camaraderie trophy, lol.

Met someone online who was attempting to do the same thing. We kept S-ranking the last Extra Ops, which gives about 650 points per player each time. Yep, it’s pretty simple once you find someone to keep playing together.

Special thanks to that person. If only our time zones don’t differ by 12 hours… ^^;

I guess I’m left with S-ranking some remaining Extra Ops and a few final things.

One of the trophies requires me to unlock every uniforms. The last uniform I have yet to get is unlocked randomly from playing Outer Ops. I really hope the game doesn’t glitch on me (i.e., the game doesn’t give me the trophy when the time comes), since its unlock condition is rather unusual compared to other uniforms.

Edit: Okay, so I got my last uniform along with the trophy from S-ranking an Extra Ops instead. Truly random lol.

I also need to collect every ZEKE parts. This again has some random elements to it; the Metal Gears you fight have a small chance of dropping the desired parts as long as they are not damaged too much.

So yeah, it may take a short while, or it may take longer than I expected ^^; But I pretty much have developed all the necessary weapons and equipments for the job. One final spurt, I guess.

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