Peace Walker [4] Platinum


Finally platinum’ed the game!

The clean-up was pretty anti-climatic though, thanks to the stupid ‘random drops’ I never quite enjoy in games in general.

I first S-ranked all Extra Ops. There were a few eccentric ops (paparazzi, ghosts…) but nothing too tricky. Then there were mech battles. Since I played the PSP version before, I already know all the tricks to S-rank these ops reliably solo (smoke grenades, fulton launchers, anti-armor rifles, etc). Among the mechs, the armored vehicles are the most annoying since they take way too long to call their backups.

After that, a few last trophies remained. Some were okay but two trophies greatly held back my platinum.

The first is Divine Wind, which requires me to use Tanegashima Musket to shoot an enemy. There is a random chance a tornado will appear, which will ‘send the enemy flying to my Mother Base’:

Funny stuff. Seems pretty simple, so how to get this Tanegashima? Oh god. It turns out I have to keep beating Rathalos in the Monster Hunter stages and pray that the game would reward me with Rathalos Wing item at the end of the mission. I even followed the supposedly ‘instructions fresh from the Japanese official guide’ to maximize the probability of getting the item, which is basically to break Rathalos’ head, two wings and tails, and then put it to sleep. I finally got it after many tries, and it wasn’t pleasant. I don’t mind random bonus but I hate random drops -.-

The second trophy is Complete Zeke, which requires me to obtain Zeke’s ‘secret’ parts. Basically, the strongest Custom version of the 4 Metal Gears (Pupa, Chrysalis, Cocoon and Peace Walker) may drop special parts for Zeke as long as you don’t damage those parts during battles. Those parts are: Pupa’s head, Chrysalis’ head, Cocoon’s head, Peace Walker’s head and Peace Walker’s legs. Great, more random drops… -.-

It turns out it isn’t as bad as the other trophy though, since I managed to get each of those parts within a few tries (max 3 tries).

It’s kinda ironic that the last thing standing between me and the Peace Walker platinum was the LEG part of Peace Walker, lol.

And this is my first Metal Gear series’ platinum ^^;

Sleep… -_-zzz


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