Metal Gear Solid 3 [2] Platinum


Managed to platinum the game in two days X)

I knew it, the kerotans are going to be a pain in the ass -.-; There are some kerotans that you have to shoot while riding on a bike, and you often have a split chance only.


– You would want to equip Animals camo. This camo makes aiming extremely still.
– You can use Ga-ko camo or D-mic to confirm your shot by listening to the funny noise…
– You can try using submachine guns or rocket launcher…
– But in my opinion nothing beats sniping them with SVD, since you can easily see the frogs turn 90 degrees when you successfully hit them. The aural feedback is not very reliable since there are many other noises, and you might delude yourself thinking you nailed it.
– For sniping, you may want to start with 1st level zoom first and then go to 2nd level zoom (and some kerotans don’t really require 2nd level zoom). If you go directly from no-zoom to 2nd level zoom, you might get confused at where you’re aiming.

Every time I fail I need to quick reset, which isn’t exactly a quick process: loading screen -> konami logo -> kojima pro logo -> armature logo -> bluepoint logo (all unskippable) -> opening movie -> main menu -> load … -_-”

I remember I had the same trouble back in PS2 days, but not as frustrating. I guess aiming is really harder for me with Vita. Come to think of it, some MGS2 missions are aim-heavy as well, like the sniping rescue missions…

…Oh god…

In any case, another Metal Gear platinum down ^^ There are still MGS2, MGS4 and MGR.

Time to rest… -_- zzz

I gotta say, MGS3 graphics really look impressive on Vita O.O


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