Metal Gear Solid 3

Peace Walker is done, MGS3 is next XD


I have had intimate times with this game in the past. But for now, it’s trophy time! XD

Unlike other MGS games, you can get platinum for this game in a single playthrough. It, however, needs to be a very careful one.

I have read up on the trophies. Basically:

– You can’t kill. I don’t know whether the guard dog counts but just to be safe…
– You need to collect every food items. This includes the medicinal plants but surprisingly not the ‘special’ hornet’s nest.
– Every camouflages
– Every face paints
– You need to capture Tsuchinoko (the mythical Snake I learnt way before MGS3, in Doraemon manga) (part of collecting every food items), you need to keep it (don’t eat!), and in the story after you somehow ‘lose your gear’, you need to find it back (this one is actually part of collecting every camouflages. You get a camouflage for keeping a Tsuchinoko when you beat the game)


– You need to shoot all kerotans. There are some you need to snipe while you’re on a vehicle. The very recollection makes me shudder… -.-”
– And other things (this game is full of easter eggs. For example, you can blow up food storages to make enemies go hungry (and they’ll eat your poisonous stuffs))

So yeah, just need to be REALLY careful. I have set up checklists (Trello) and stuffs… hopefully I don’t mess up ^^;

And this time, (unlike my MGS2 main mode save) I signed to PSN when I created the new save. What this means is if next time I have the Japanese PS3 version (I have Japanese Vita version but US PS3 version, and different regions are not compatible), I may be able to synch and unlock the trophies for PS3 version without needing to do double work. Don’t really know how to do it but should be able to ^^;

So how far am I in this game? Just before The End’s fight. Yeah, I’m skipping the cutscenes. Get trophies first, play it leisurely later.

As a side note, I do kinda want to try out Snake Eater 3D for 3DS. It’s MGS3 with MGS4 controls, which means crouch-walking and L-R buttons for shooting). And the 3D should work great with this game. Not enough to pay full price for the game though… ^^;


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