Highscore Girl Vol.4

Vol. 4 is just released this month and once I found out about it, I bought the digital version from BookLive! in a heartbeat.


This manga is about a boy who is good at nothing but video games, and a highly educated rich family girl who, because of strict tuitions at home, likes to escape to arcades. She ends up being very good at games as well, even better than the boy. The two met and developed a special relationship.

A special thing about this manga is that it’s historically accurate; they play actual games such as Street Fighter II and Final Fight, and it follows the development of video game industry in Japan. For example, the two went to an arcade specifically to check out the new Vampire Hunter arcade game which was just released.


Vol. 4 starts the high school chapter. At the end of vol. 3, the boy studied hard in order to enter the same high school as the girl, but unfortunately he failed the exam. So in this volume they have become more distant.


This is the second girl of the manga. In vol. 2, she was introduced to gaming by the boy. She knew about the boy’s special relationship with the first girl. Her hair was shorter back then and she has become prettier now (and for some reason, she developed a mild ドS personality).

Anyway, vol. 4 takes place during PlayStation and Sega Saturn era. The boy apparently decided to be on the Saturn camp while the second girl owns a PlayStation. The boy was agonizing over how all the good games were coming to PlayStation, lol.


Vol. 4 is mostly about the second girl getting better at arcades and even surpassing the boy (it’s because the boy doesn’t dare to face the first girl after failing his entrance exam, so he stops coming to arcades so they don’t bump into each other and so he plays at home against CPU instead. This brought his skill down). You can pretty much guess the motivation behind her becoming good (she likes the boy and wants him to recognize her) ^^;


On the other hand, the boy becomes low self-esteemed, because if he can’t even beat the second girl, then he won’t stand a chance against the first girl, and video games is the only thing he’s supposedly good at.


So yeah, I really like this manga, which doubles as history lessons of gaming in Japan. I like the unique art style, too. I checked out the author’s other works; he does mostly comedy horrors but there is one which is very gory and depressing -.-”

In any case, can’t wait for the next volume X)


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