Metal Gear Rising


Picked up Metal Gear Rising again, the Japanese version.

When I stopped, I had done multiple playthroughs of the US version and was halfway on the first, normal playthrough of Japanese version.

Even though it’s been a while since I last played this game, when I came back I could immediately start parrying and cutting down the enemies in style. I guess the combat system is very intuitive. It’s a very satisfying feeling.

Decided not to get the gold trophy which requires you to keep talking with the codecs for now. Doing that makes the pacing a bit too slow for my patience right now. Let’s save it for last.

This time I focused on collecting all the items. Last time (on US version) I didn’t use a guide and missed some of the items. I’m now using a guide so as to not miss any item as I played through the Japanese version. In fact, I had just collected every items. I just need to beat the final chapter in order for the trophies to unlock (my heart skipped a beat when the trophies didn’t unlock and I didn’t know you have to beat the chapter ^^;).

I have been careful not to upgrade Raiden’s life and fuel cells and pick up fuel cell upgrades, so as to get the elusive Naked And Unloved title from the start.

I unlocked Gray Fox outfit and the corresponding Fox Blade. The outfit is very cool (I’m a big fan of Cyborg Ninja) and the Fox Blade can cut enemies easily even with normal attacks (must be careful to not carelessly cut the cyborgs whose left arms you can collect though).


It’s just nitpicking but I kinda wish the Cyborg Ninja’s red eye glows more during zandatsu. Also wished they didn’t use prerendered movies for many of the cutscenes so you could see Cyborg Ninja doing all those amazing stuffs.

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